Scoped Wyoming Combination Instructions

For scoped Wyoming Combination Holsters, please fill out the following measurement form. Please mail us the form with the tracing of your gun & scope.

Ordering Information

Ordering at Ringler Custom Leather:

At Ringler Custom Leather we have a variety of different products as well as ordering options. A majority of the products that we design and build at the shop are custom products. Custom products are considered any product that is not a standard product available on our website. 

What makes a product custom?

There are a wide variety of ways that a order becomes custom in our shop. From holsters to stock boots there are several ways that an order can be tailored to meet your needs. Many of these issues that come up are different rifle stock sizes, longer ejector housings, safety positioning on semi automatics, pistol scope, carry position and much more. All of these details require us to take time to design new patterns and on some occasions we get the holster made only to find out it doesn't work and we need to start again. All of this extra labor is what makes custom more difficult, adds to expense and also turn around time. When making a custom leather product we want to make your product as close to your needs as possible without compromising functionality.

In stock orders / standard orders:

While we do not carry a large amount of in stock items/inventory, on occasion we may have a product you order in stock. In this instance, we are able to eliminate your turn around time and get your product to you within a couple weeks. On standard orders (orders that do not require adjusting) we are also able to produce these products in a quicker time period.