About Us


From the Beginning

 It all started when Von's wife, Cathy, bought him a leather kit  for Christmas which sparked his creative imagination. Von and Cathy moved from West Virginia to Cody, Wyoming. After  several ranch and oil field jobs, Von went to work for Filener Leather to learn from other master craftsmen. In 1989 Von  bought out Filener Leather Shop and began Ringler Custom Leather. He dedicates his shop to making the highest quality leather products guaranteed to not only be functional but long lasting. 


Hand Crafted

         Ringler  Custom Leather Company has been producing fine quality handmade leather  goods since 1989. In a society where cheaply manufactured and often disposable merchandise seems to  be the norm, we at Ringler's are keeping tradition alive with leather items that are made like they used to be, one at a  time, to last a lifetime. 

        When  you order from Ringler Custom Leather Company, you'll know that you are getting the  finest leather and hardware available. We take pride in the fact that all items are handmade.  Also, be assured that we are  giving personal attention to each detail of your order. 


Made in the USA

 In our shop, located  at the base of the beautiful Beartooth Mountains, in Clark,  Wyoming; function and good looks run hand in hand. We do not believe you should have to sacrifice one for the other.   


Our Grandchildren (Denali, Ryder Wayne & Stetson)         

Quality Hand Made Products

Art of the Hunt: Wyoming Traditions is an exhibit of traditional crafts, artwork, and stories related to hunting and  fishing in Wyoming.