Wyoming PBS

 A Christmas gift changed Von Ringler's life. Today, Ringler Custom  Leather Company has been producing fine quality handmade leather goods  since 1989. In a society where cheaply manufactured and often disposable  merchandise seems to be the norm, Ringler is keeping tradition alive  with leather items that are made like they used to be, one at a time, to  last a lifetime. 

Wyoming Arts Council

Check out this great video featured for the Wyoming Arts Council!

Making a Wyoming Combination H

Here is a video on some of the process it takes to create a Wyoming Combination Holster. With over 2,200 made there are many hours that go into the process of making this extraordinary holster.

Guns in Wyoming

 In the wide-open spaces of the American West, guns are woven into the  tapestry of life in ways city-dwellers may not understand. Ted Koppel  visits the town of Cody, Wyoming, to find out how, for the majority of  families, guns are inseparable from a way of life. 

Featured in this video is Von's nephew, Roy Reed (driving the team, wearing his WCH)