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Marlin Lever Action Leather Package

 The  Marlin Guides Gun is one of the most popular guns around today. The  45-70 stock boot is one of our biggest selling products at Ringler  Custom Leather. We have come up with a leather package deal to set up  your guides gun to meet your hunting/packing needs. The Leather Package  comes complete with a Rifle Stock Boot, Buckle Rifle Sling and Lever  Pad. 

Original Price: $166.50

Sale Price $150.00

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Wyoming PBS - Von Ringler

      A Christmas gift changed Von Ringler's life. Today, Ringler Custom  Leather Company has been producing fine quality handmade leather goods  since 1989. In a society where cheaply manufactured and often disposable  merchandise seems to be the norm, Ringler is keeping tradition alive  with leather items that are made like they used to be, one at a time, to  last a lifetime.